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"U" conductors

This modeling allows to control the distribution of the power and the current density in the conductor. It figures the heating that results from the "Joule" effect when in operation. This modeling allows us to optimize the conductors, both in shapes and their arrangement in their casing. It also allows to measure the magnetic "pollution" that may be generated.

Above : example of modeling of a 5,000 A / 13.8 kV three phase system with 2 aluminum conductors "U" shaped face to face - divided phases (S.P.B.)

Modeling of a bus duct 11kV / 4,000 A / three phase NSPB 50 hz. representation of the magnetic flux in the environment. This study is carried out at a given time "T". It stresses the magnetic interaction that may happen between conductors. The S.P.B. solution with an amagnetic partition wall eliminates this phenomenom completely.

Zoom on a conductor in the study presented. This image represents the distribution of the current in the conductor. One notices the good homogeneity, with only only minor spikes in the end.



"U" conductors